To send an invoice you’ll need to begin on the ZenBusiness Money app dashboard where you will have two options for how to create an invoice. Once on the app dashboard follow these steps below.

Option 1:

1. Press the create invoice button under the Invoice Tracking section.

2. You’ll be directed to the Your Clients tab where you can select either existing clients or you will have the option to create a contact.

3. If you already have an existing client you’ll want to select them. If this is a new client you will want to select the + button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. (If you're selecting an existing client please skip ahead to step 5.)

4. When you’ve chosen to create a new contact you will be able to choose between creating a new client or importing from your contacts.

  • By clicking to create a new contact you will then be taken to a screen to enter your client’s information. (The first screen will be your client’s business and name. The second screen will be your client’s company and contact information.)

5. After completing the client information you will be taken to a page where you will put in the total amount you’re requesting.

  • You’ll want to choose the + ADD ITEM button.

  • You’ll then put in the item name, quantity, the price per item, tax (optional), and the item description and press the ADD TO INVOICE button at the bottom of the screen.

6. Once you’ve completed that and are back on the invoice summary you will press next to continue.

7. You’ll add an optional message for your client and click Next.

8. Next, you’ll be taken to the “When is payment due?” page. You’ll be given suggested times as well as the option to put in a custom date the payment is due.

9. When you’ve selected your date you will then see a prompt where you will then select Send Invoice.

10. Congratulations, your invoice has now been sent!

Option 2:

1. On any screen, you’ll be able to select the $ button at the bottom center.

2. Choose Invoices.

3. You’ll be directed to your invoices dashboard where you can view all of your previously created invoices as well as the option to create a new invoice. To create a new invoice you will select the + button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

4. Once you have pressed the + button you’ll then want to follow steps 2 through 10 from option 1 above.

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