On Mobile:

On the mobile app, you have the option to export your detailed reports to yourself via email. You have a few options to view, download, or export your reports via email on the web app.

You can export your reports from Hurdlr by:

  1. Tap 3 dots in the top left corner of the app

  2. Select Reports

  3. Select desired report

  4. Select desired date range

  5. For select reports, choose which business(es) should be included

On Hurdlr for Web:

You can export your report from Hurdlr for the web, by clicking:

  1. Click Reports (on the left side of the screen)

  2. Depending on the report, you’ll see an option to View or Download the report on the far right

  3. Click the button or drop-down button and select to View, Download, or Export the report

  4. After choosing an option, you can set the desired date range, and for select reports which business(es) should be included

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