For Samsung devices, it's important to check these settings to ensure your phone is not preventing Hurdlr from running: Battery Optimization, Power Saving Mode, Adaptive Battery, Data Saver, and Allow Background Activity.

1. Battery Optimization:

This feature is designed to conserve battery, but it can prevent apps like Hurdlr from being able to run properly in the background. To allow Hurdlr to run follow the steps below:

  • Go to Apps > Settings on your device

  • Tap Device Care

  • Tap Battery > Battery Usage

  • Scroll through All Apps to find Hurdlr

  • Tap on Hurdlr and make sure Put App to Sleep is set to Off

2. Power Saving Mode:

This feature will turn off location services for your apps automatically, so Hurdlr is not able to run when it's enabled. It can be triggered automatically without your knowledge when your battery is low, so to avoid any issues, you should disable it. You can disable it by following the steps below:

  • Go to Apps > Settings on your device

  • Tap Device Maintenance

  • Tap Battery

  • Tap Power Mode

  • Tap "Optimized"

Toggle Adaptive Power Saving to Off.

3. Adaptive Battery:

This feature will shut off apps in the background, which will prevent your trips from being tracked. By default, it will force quit any app that hasn't been launched in 3 days. To disable this feature for Hurdlr, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Apps > Settings

  • Device Care

  • Tap Battery

  • Tap App Power Monitor Management or Unmonitored Apps

  • Toggle Adaptive Battery to Off

  • Toggle Put unused apps to sleep Off

  • Tap Apps that won't be put to sleep > Add Apps > Hurdlr to ensure Hurdlr won't be put to sleep.

4. Data Saver:

This feature is another one that can cause tracking issues. To disable it, follow the steps below:

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap Data Usage

  • Tap Data Saver

  • Tap Unrestricted data usage

  • Scroll down to Hurdlr and make sure it's turned on

5. Allow Background Activity:

This setting is necessary to ensure that your mileage is able to be recorded in the background without your phone killing the app. To enable this:

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap on Apps > Hurdlr

  • Tap Battery

  • Toggle the Allow Background Activity switch to On

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