For OnePlus devices, it's important to check these settings to ensure your phone is not preventing Hurdlr from running: Battery Optimization, Battery Saver, Deep Optimization, and Adaptive Battery.

1. Battery Optimization:

Some One Plus devices have built-in battery optimization settings that will shut down "the activity of seldom used apps." This feature can prevent apps like Hurdlr from being able to run properly in the background. To allow Hurdlr to run follow the steps below:

  • Open your device's Settings

  • Tap Battery

  • Tap the menu button

  • Tap Battery Optimization

  • Tap All Apps

  • Find Hurdlr and disable this feature

2. Battery Saver:

This feature will turn off location services for your apps automatically, so Hurdlr is not able to run when it's enabled. It can be triggered automatically without your knowledge when your battery is low, so to avoid any issues, you should disable it. You can disable it by following the steps below:

  • Open your device's Settings

  • Tap Battery

  • Tap Battery Saver

  • Turn it off to disable it

3. Deep Optimization:

This feature can be enabled and turned on without your knowledge and prevents Hurdlr from running and tracking your mileage properly.

  • Search battery in settings

  • Select battery optimization

  • Tap on the three dots on the left-hand corner

  • Select Advanced Optimization from the drop-down menu

  • Toggle Deep Optimization off so that the button is white (disabled) instead of blue (enabled)

4. Adaptive Battery for Oxygen 9 / Android 9 and lower:

This setting limits how much infrequently used apps can run in the background. Your phone will learn how you use apps over time and will adjust how much they can run in the background, so we recommend disabling this:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Battery

  • Select Adaptive Battery

  • Disable Use Adaptive Battery

5. Oxygen 10 / Android 10 and higher:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Battery

  • Select Battery Optimization

  • Tap the three dots on the top right

  • Select Advanced Optimization

  • Disable Use Adaptive Battery

6. Alternate option for Oxygen / Android 10 and higher:

  • Go to Settings

  • Enter “Adaptive Battery” in the search bar

  • Select disable Use Adaptive Battery

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