Suggested mileage rules are AI-based suggestions meant to help you save time and money by automatically tagging recurring trips for you. Based on your tagging habits, Hurdlr will suggest rules that you can view, then either accept or reject.

For example, if you have a recurring trip from home to Client A and always tag that as business, after a few trips, you’ll see a suggestion pop up in the app asking you to set a rule for that. If you accept the rule, it will automatically tag that trip as a business for you moving forward.

When you have a rule suggestion, you’ll see a blue “Suggested Rules” banner on the Mileage tab. If you tap on it, it will list the rules that are being suggested.

You can swipe your rules to approve or reject them, or tap on them to edit, approve, or reject them.

To edit your Mileage rules, tap the gear icon on the Mileage tab and tap “Mileage Rules”. All of your active rules will be listed on that screen. You can also view new suggestions that haven’t been approved/rejected yet and rules that you’ve deleted (Archived) by tapping the icon in the top right corner.

If you need to delete a rule, tap on it, then tap the delete button at the bottom. If you need to restore a deleted rule, tap the icon in the top right corner and select Archived. You’ll be able to tap on a rule that you want to restore, then tap the “Restore Rule” button at the bottom.

If you no longer want to get rule suggestions, you can tap the gear icon on the Mileage tab and toggle off the switch for “Suggest New Rules”.

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