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Mileage tracking in ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ
Mileage tracking in ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ

This article goes into detail about several frequently asked questions regarding mileage tracking in ZenBusiness Money Pro

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Is Mileage Tracking available on my mobile app? Will it automatically track my trips?

Currently, mileage tracking is only available through our web-based platform and can only be entered manually.

I previously was tracking my mileage through Hurdlr and now I don’t have access to those trips. Can I get an export?

Yes! If you need an export of your mileage tracking, please contact one of our Customer Success agents. Please expect this request to take a couple of days to fulfill.

Can I set a favorite location? If so, how can I do that?

You have the option to set a favorite location under Mileage Tracking. To favorite a location:

  • Navigate to the Mileage Tracking page.

  • Select the gear.

  • Select “Favorite Locations.”

  • Select “Add New Favorite Location.”

  • Enter the Name and Address.

  • Select “Save.”

  • The newly added location will show up under your Favorite’s list

Can I add different vehicles

You can have multiple vehicles for mileage tracking options. To add another vehicle:

  • Navigate to the Mileage Tracking page.

  • Select the gear.

  • Select “Cars.”

  • Select “Add Car.”

  • Fill out the car information: Nickname, make, model, whether it is the primary car, vehicle year, and optional (odometer year and reading).

What reports are available for Mileage Tracking?

To access the Mileage Tracking reports, go to the Mileage Tracking page, select the gear icon then select “Reports.” You’ll see the following list:

  • Business Mileage by Business

  • Business Mileage by Client

  • Mileage Detail List (downloadable spreadsheet)

  • Personal Mileage by Category

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