How can I make a deposit into my ZenBusiness account?

There are three ways to make deposits into your ZenBusiness account:

1. Log in to On your ZenBusiness Banking Dashboard. Click the “Deposit” button and follow the prompts to connect a bank account and then initiate a transfer from the connected bank account to your ZenBusiness Account.

2. You can start the same process by going to navigation on the left side and then clicking “Connected Accounts”. You can start the deposit process here as well as manage your Connected Accounts.

3. You can grab your Account and Routing number from the top right of your ZenBusiness Banking Dashboard by clicking on “Account Details.” Initiate an ACH transaction with any external to ZenBusiness account to transfer funds into your ZenBusiness Checking account.

How do I link my ZenBusiness Payments account to my ZenBusiness Checking account so that my funds are disbursed automatically?

Email and we will get it set up for you.

How do I connect to another bank account I own to move money?

To connect an external account, simply click on the “Deposit” button on the ZenBusiness Banking Dashboard screen after logging into From there, you can select your bank and enter your login information through our secure connection with Plaid.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, you can contact ZenBusiness support using the chat service within the app.

How do I remove a connected bank account?

To unlink the account, go to Connected Accounts > Click the 3 dots to the right of the account > Transaction History > Unlink.

Then, to relink it, you can go to Connected Accounts > then click “Relink” next to the account.

Does ZenBusiness offer recurring payments?

Not at this time, but this feature will be coming soon.

Why was my ACH transfer returned?

An Automated Clearing House (ACH) return is the equivalent of a bounced check. An ACH return occurs when someone provides bank information in order to make a payment or transfer, but the payment is returned by the bank for one of many reasons. The most common reasons for an ACH return include:

Insufficient funds

A stop payment

Incorrect account information

If an ACH return occurs for an incoming or outgoing transfer you’ve made from your ZenBusiness account, you’ll receive an email with the details for this return from the ZenBusiness Banking Support team. Your transaction activity will also reflect this return. The transaction will include the label ‘ACH Return’ to help you identify the case in which this occurred.

Please email to learn more.

How do I stop or reverse an unauthorized ACH transfer?

You may be able to reverse an unauthorized ACH transfer if it is reported within 24 hours of the initial transaction. Please contact us at or 844-493-6249 as soon as possible if you notice an ACH transaction that you did not authorize.

Can I cancel my ACH transfer?

You can cancel a Pending ACH Transfer from your ZenBusiness Dashboard. Go to Pending Transactions on the Banking Dashboard, then expand the transaction by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the transactions. Then click the “Cancel Transaction” Link and confirm the cancellation. You will see a message in the bottom left confirming that we were able to successfully cancel the transaction.

If you run into issues, please contact us at or 844-493-6249 as soon as possible to cancel an ACH transfer.

How long until I receive an ACH transfer that someone sends me?

Generally, Standard ACH transfers take about 2 - 4 business days to be completed. Any delay in these funds clearing can cause the funds to be delayed before they are in your account.

Same Day ACH transfers can happen a bit faster at 1-3 business days.

When will my Deposited funds be available?

When initiating Deposits:

Funds should be available within 5 business days

When receiving funds sent from another bank

Funds should be available within 1-3 business days

How long does it take before an ACH Payment reaches my payee’s account?

For ACH payments to a payee, if the transfer is initiated from the ZenBusiness Banking before 2:00 PM CT (confirm with Unit),

For Same Day ACH: the funds will reach the payee’s account within 1-3 business days. These are offered for free in ZenBusiness Banking.

For Standard ACH: the funds will reach the payee’s account within 2-4 business days.

However, this timing may be extended by the Payee’s bank.

How does someone send an ACH to my ZenBusiness Checking account?

You can receive direct deposits or ACH transfers into your ZenBusiness Checking account by providing the payer with your account and routing number.

You can grab your Account and Routing number from the top right of your ZenBusiness Banking Dashboard by clicking on “Account Details.”

What Are the ZenBusiness Banking Transaction Limits?

Daily ACH Limits: $10,000

Monthly ACH Limits: $100,000

Daily Card Purchase: $5,000

Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal: $1,000

Can I send or receive domestic and international wires with ZenBusiness Banking?

With ZenBusiness Banking, you can receive domestic wires sent from another bank account. The routing number to receive wires (and ACHs) is the same as your Banking Dashboard routing number listed with your account number. Wires that are received during business hours by 4pm ET will be credited to your bank account the same day.
There is a $5 fee to receive a wire. And no fee to receive ACHs; however, ACHs are typically received 2 to 5 days after they are sent by the initiating bank.
At this time, we cannot send domestic wires. We are working hard to build that functionality so that you can send a domestic wire when initiating a transfer to a 3rd party — in addition to your current Standard ACH and Same Day ACH options. ACH’s are free now, but when we release the ability to send wires, it will be a $5 fee.
We do not yet support sending or receiving international wires. We will alert you when we can send them.

How do I deposit checks with ZenBusiness Banking?

We’re currently working to make ZenBusiness Banking the best experience possible. While we don’t currently have check deposit capability, it is coming soon.

Use ZenBusiness Money to invoice and receive CC payments into your ZenBusiness Banking Account.

Can I deposit cash into my ZenBusiness Banking account?

The only way to currently get cash into your ZenBusiness Banking account is to transfer it in from another account that accepts cash deposits.

Does ZenBusiness provide checks?

Not at this time, but you can use ACH.

You cannot currently deposit checks into your ZenBusiness Banking account. Use ZenBusiness Money to invoice and receive CC payments into your ZenBusiness Banking Account.

Can I overdraft my account?

We do not support overdrafts at this time.

If the Available Balance in your Account is not sufficient to cover any transaction you have authorized, we may return the transaction or refuse to process the transaction.

However, there may be instances where your Account can still go into the negative, such as if a deposit you make is returned. You must make a deposit immediately to cover any negative balance. If your Account has a negative balance for sixty (60) calendar days or more, we may close your Account.

How do I request a stop payment on a recurring ACH transaction?

If you authorize a third party to take payments from your Account on a regular basis through a Preauthorized Transfer, you can place a stop payment on those payments by contacting us by email at at least three (3) business days before the next payment is scheduled to be made. To be effective, a stop payment request must be received within this time specified, and with all of the information required below, so as to give the Bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

You must provide us with (a) your name, (b) your Account number, (c) the company or person taking the payments, and (d) the date and amount of the Preauthorized Transfer you wish to stop. If you want all future payments from that company or person stopped, be sure to tell us that as well. If you do not provide us with the correct information, such as the correct payee or the correct amount of the payment you wish to stop, we may not be able to stop the payment.

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