In an effort to provide safe and secure banking services we do a name validation check when linking a bank account. Linking a bank account gives you the power to deposit money into your ZenBusiness bank account from the connected account. This is commonly referred to as pulling funds from your connected account.

To enable this feature, we have an additional step for verification where we compare the name of the account holder from the account we are trying to link to the ZenBusiness Bank account. For example, if Joe Smith opened the ZenBusiness Bank account, then Joe Smith should be the name of the account holder (owner) of the bank account they are trying to connect.

Sometimes we are trying to connect two business bank accounts and in that case we are going to try to compare the business names on the business bank accounts. For example, if the legal name of your ZenBusiness formed business is Joe Smith’s Gardening then it should match the name on the account that is trying to be linked.

When account linking cannot happen, the best way to deposit money into your ZenBusiness account is to go into the account you’d like to push money from and send money via ACH to your ZenBusiness account.

We understand how important it is to fund your ZenBusiness account so our customer support team at is ready to help if needed.

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