What is an Annual Report?
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An annual report is a business document filed with the state that gives a short summary of the business’s structure. The annual report usually includes information about the company’s name, address, business owners, operators, and registered agent.

The annual report definition may be self-explanatory if that’s the name you’re familiar with. However, in other states, there are different titles for an annual report. Examples include:

  • Statement of information

  • Annual list of managers

  • Biennial report

  • Biennial occupation tax report

  • Biennial statement

  • Annual certificate

These names are more uncommon and very state-specific. However, they can be used interchangeably to describe a strikingly similar document.

Keeping up with the documentation for your business can get overwhelming. Missing filing deadlines for your state can cost your business hundreds of dollars in fees. That is why we offer an Annual Report Service to our clients.

This service helps you file your annual report so you can avoid costly errors and penalties from your state. We also provide Worry-Free Compliance that will help you stay up to date on your state’s filing requirements. We want to help you succeed in business. Don’t hesitate to use our services to get the help that you need.

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