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What should I do after purchasing a domain name or website?
What should I do after purchasing a domain name or website?

This article explains what you can do after purchasing a domain name, email, or website.

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Once you've secured a domain name that you believe works well for your business, you can begin to work on your company's online presence. In addition to the website itself, it's important to think about who your audience is and how your overall brand will be reflected online.

You may not know how to code, but don't let that intimidate you. You don't need to be a programmer to set up your website or create a professional-looking email address specific to your business. We can help you with that and other ways to expand your online presence with the following guide.

Build Your Website

We make it fast and easy to create a professional business website using our website builder and design themes. Select a template that aligns with your business and update the images and content as you see fit. Afterwards, connect it to your domain name for a sleek new website you'll be excited to promote online.

You can pull in the information we collected to complete your business formation or start from scratch and customize to your heart's content.

Customize Your Email

That old AOL email address may have sentimental value, but it's unlikely to inspire confidence with potential clients. With a business email address, customers can receive something legitimate looking like instead of

ZenBusiness can provide a custom email address with your domain name. The email address includes an inbox with 5 GB of storage space and an address book to organize and track an unlimited number of contacts. Your new email address can also block spam and other unwanted email. You can also sync up your email with other devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Get the Word Out

Once you have a website and email address you're happy with, it's time to promote your business so people know about it.

Here are a few free or low-cost ways you can do that:

Social Media – Maintain an active presence on social networks like Facebook to find and connect with your customers online. Other sites like LinkedIn can help you build your professional network and find valuable business partnerships.

Blogging – Create and maintain a blog to help spread the word, especially if you can gain enough followers. Remember to post fresh and interesting content as regularly as possible to keep your audience engaged and interested.

Online Communities – Join and contribute to online groups with meaningful content to build your brand recognition. Find subtle ways to promote your business to the group by mentioning it when the context is appropriate.

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