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How can I link my external domain to the ZenBusiness website?
How can I link my external domain to the ZenBusiness website?

How to connect your third party domain to your ZenBusiness Website

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We would be happy to help you connect your domain hosted by another registrar to the ZenBusiness website builder! We don't currently offer the option to transfer domains to our services. You can connect your third-party domain to the website you have with ZenBusiness, though.

Getting Started

You'll need the following information to connect your third-party domain and website.

Your login information to your third-party domain provider

The domain name system (DNS) records provided below

Please allow time for your DNS records to propagate. It can take up to 24-48 hours for the DNS records to update successfully. Keep this in mind if you have a deadline coming up!

A Record

Hostname: @ or

Time to live (TTL): 3600 or 1 hour or default


CNAME Record

Hostname: www

TTL: 3600 or 1 hour or default


Step 1: Enter your DNS Records

Login to the account you have with your domain provider.

Locate the Cpanel or domain management area.

Enter the DNS records provided above. If you're unsure how to do this step, we recommend reaching out to your domain provider's support team. They can help with getting these entered for you.

Save your changes.

Step 2: Connect your Domain to your Website

Navigate to the Website page located under Web Tools from the left side menu of your ZenBusiness dashboard.

Click on Connect Domain and select Domain from Elsewhere.

Enter your domain name into the field prompt and click Next.

It will prompt you to enter the DNS information that you entered in Step 1. If you haven't already done this, please do so now. If you have, check that you have already completed this step and hit Next.

Congratulations! The final step is waiting for the connection. As a reminder, this step can take 24-48 hours.


If there is no connection after the 24-48 wait period, double-check that your DNS records are entered correctly with your third-party provider. You can also use a DNS Checker to see if the connection is complete or failing.

For further assistance with DNS entries, we recommend contacting your third-party domain provider. You can use the script below:

I'm trying to connect my domain to my website with ZenBusiness. The connection is failing. Please verify that my DNS records on your end match the values in the provided screenshot.

If the DNS records are correct, please make sure you connected your domain to your website using the instructions listed under Step 2.

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