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How do I change my website template?
How do I change my website template?

This article details the process of swapping website templates

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Selecting a template for new websites

New customers that purchase a website will start by selecting and editing their template from the website editor.

Once in your dashboard, you can click into the website page from the left side menu and select the Create a New Site button. That will take you to the template selector page where you can select or preview any of the available templates. After you find a template you like, choose the Select button to begin editing it in the website editor.

Managing themes for existing websites

If you have already published your website, then you can continue to manage it from the website section of your dashboard by clicking Edit Site.

You can switch templates for your site by selecting the Switch Template button on the Website Page of your dashboard. A prompt will pop up alerting you to possible content deletion if you're switching templates midway through editing. We recommend switching templates before you make any edits to the site!

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