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Stopping a Pending ZenBusiness Banking Transaction
Stopping a Pending ZenBusiness Banking Transaction
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Canceling ACH Transfer

If your business circumstances around a transaction you initiated, changes, you can cancel your pending ACH transaction. However, ACH transactions can't be canceled if the transaction is already completed.

How to cancel a pending ACH transfer from your Banking dashboard.

  • Go to “Pending Transactions” on the Banking dashboard, then expand the transaction by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the transactions.

  • Then click “Cancel Transaction” and confirm the cancellation.

  • You'll see a quick message confirming the transaction was canceled.

Canceling Wire transfer

You cannot reverse or cancel a wire transfer once you have initiated it.

If you run into issues, please contact us at or 844-493-6249 asap to cancel an ACH transfer.

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