FAQs: ACH and Wire Transfers
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Is there a fee for sending money from my bank account?

It depends.

Sending money using Standard ACH or same-day ACH is totally free for ZenBusiness customers. But for domestic wire transfers, there's a $15 fee.

How long does it take for the payee to receive the money?

How long it takes‌ depends on the the transfer type and when you initiate the payment.


  • Standard ACH: 3 to 5 business days

  • Same day ACH initiated before 4:30 pm: Same day

  • Same day ACH initiated after 4:30 pm: Next business day

Wire Transfers

  • Wire transfers initiated before 6 pm EST same day

What info do I need to provide for a successful money transfer?

First, you need to add the sender as a payee. Read here on how to add a payee.

Here’s what you’ll need for ACH transfers as well as Wire transfers:

  • Payee type: whether you are sending money to a business or a person

  • First and last name of the payee

  • Type of account you are sending money to (Checking or Savings)

  • Account number of the payee and the routing number of the payee’s bank

Additional details required for Wire transfer

  • Only required for wire transfers: wire-specific routing number and payee's address( address on file on the payee’s bank)

Can I schedule future ‌transfers?

No, we don’t offer future dated money transfers yet.

Is there a daily or monthly limit on the amount I can send?

Yes, there are daily and monthly limits on transactions amount on ZenBusiness:


Daily ACH Limits: $10,000

Monthly ACH Limits: $100,000


Daily wire Limits: $50,000

Monthly wire Limits: $100,000

Can I set up recurring money transfers to the same recipient?

No, we don’t offer future-dated money transfers yet.

Is it possible to send money internationally through the banking website?

No, we don’t support international wire transfers yet.

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