This tutorial will walk you through the configuration of email using Outlook. For this tutorial, we are using Outlook 2016 on Mac. If you are using a different version or operating system, these instructions may differ. 

How do I find my email cluster?

In order to setup your email client, you will need to know which email cluster your account is hosted on. If you don't know this information, you can check with your email service provider or try logging into webmail at:

Cluster A:

Cluster B:

If you are able to successfully log in to the webmail interface, then you have found your mail cluster. If you are not able to log in to either cluster, please contact your email service provider for support. 

Step 1: Open Account Settings

Launch Outlook, click on Tools, and select Accounts.

Step 2: Add Mail Account

Select Other Email.

Step 3: Enter Account Information

Enter the following information:

Email Address:

Enter your full email address. 


Enter the password for your email address. 

User name:

Enter your full email address. 


We recommend IMAP. 

Incoming and Outgoing Server: (Cluster A) or (Cluster B)


Use default ports.


Use SSL to connect.

Click Add Account.

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