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How do I set up Outlook on my Android phone?
How do I set up Outlook on my Android phone?

The guide will walk you through setting up your business email using Outlook. For this guide, we are using Outlook on Android.

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Step 1: Tap "ADD ACCOUNT"

Step 2: Enter your email address

  • You will use the business email address you signed up for with Zen business in this section.

Step 3: Select IMAP and enter email account information

  • Be sure to choose the IMAP option rather than the POP3 option.

  • You will use your business email username and password in the Email Address and Password fields.

  • You can set the display name and description to whatever you would like.

Step 4: Tap "Advanced options" and enter the server settings

Incoming mail server

  • Incoming mail server:

  • Incoming mail port: 993

  • Incoming Encryption Method: SSL/TLS

  • Incoming IMAP username: Your business email address

  • Incoming IMAP password: Your business email password

Outgoing mail server

  • Outgoing mail server:

  • Outgoing mail port: 465

  • Outgoing Encryption Method: SSL/TLS

  • Outgoing SMTP Username: Your business email address

  • Outgoing SMTP Password: Your business email password

Congratulations, your email should connect and you can now access it from your Android device!


Sometimes, connecting your email via IMAP can be a bit tricky. If you are having troubles, please try the following fixes:

If you get an error when you try and finalize the email connection, first check the incoming and outgoing servers and ensure that they are listed as - people oftentimes forget the b, or the e in email.

Another very common issue is mistyping the password. If you get errors connecting to the mail server, try logging in at to make sure you are using the correct password.

If neither of those steps resolve the error, you can reach out to our web services team in chat who will gladly help you with your email set up.

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