Step 1: Open Account Settings

Open Outlook, click on File, and select Add Account

  • If you are using Outlook for the first time this step will be skipped. You will automatically be taken to Step 2.

Step 2: Enter Email

Enter in your business email address then drop down Advanced Options and check the option: Let me setup my account manually. Click on Connect.

Step 3: Account Type

Select IMAP from the provided list.

Step 4: Account Information

Enter the following information:

  • Incoming Mail Server:

  • Port: 993

  • Encryption Method: SSL/TLS (from drop down)

  • Outgoing Mail Server:

  • Port: 465

  • Encryption Method: SSL/TLS (from drop down)

Step 5: Password & Connect

You will then be prompted to enter your business email password. Once you click connect the information should verify. When verified you will get the Account Successfully Added message at the top.

From here you can enter in other email addresses you want to add or hit Done.

The account will then connect if the setup is properly configured. The application will then prompt if you want to setup your business email on Outlook Mobile. To do so please use the Outlook Mobile Instruction Guide.

If you are receiving an error please ensure the password you are entering is correct as well as the Incoming and Outgoing server information.

If you are still experiencing an issue connecting please reach out to our support team via chat or!

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