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Income tracking in ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ
Income tracking in ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ

This article details several frequently asked questions regarding income tracking in ZenBusiness Money Pro

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How does income tagging work?

After you link your bank account(s) and/or credit cards, any additional money that was added to those accounts will show up as income on the Income page. You can tag those deposits as either business deposits or personal deposits. These dollar amounts are all tied to your Profit & Loss tile on the overview page and your Taxes (estimated tax amounts).

Can I manually add income?

Yes! If you have received income through a different bank account, you can add income manually by going to the Income page and clicking “+Add Income.” Complete the following information:

  • Date of deposit.

  • Enter the source of the income.

  • Dollar amount.

  • Business or Personal.

  • Select the business name from the drop-down if it isn’t already listed.

  • Select the bank account, if applicable (optional).

  • Add a note (optional).

  • Upload a file or photo (optional).

  • Select “Save Details.”

If someone pays me through the invoice, does it get listed on the Income page?

If someone pays an invoice, it should show up as a deposit from your bank account, which will automatically pull into the Income page. As soon as the deposit is processed, you will see it and be able to tag it as business or personal.

What is an income tracking rule and how do I create one?

Income rules help you automate your income tracking by setting up rules to automatically tag certain deposits for you. For example, if you always want a deposit from Client X to be tagged as business income, setting up a rule will help with that!

  • Navigate to the Income page.

  • Select a deposit that hasn’t been tagged yet.

  • Select “Create rule.”

  • The rest of the information is already filled out for you! However, some fields are available for edits.

  • Select if you would like to automate this for all transactions from that vendor past and future or future only.

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