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How does the ZenBusiness service work?
How does the ZenBusiness service work?

This article details the services ZenBusiness offers for your business needs.

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The steps to form a new business are very similar across states, but there are small differences with each state. Here is what you can expect when filing your business through ZenBusiness.

  1. You select the filing plan that best fits your needs.

  2. ZenBusiness files your Certificate of Formation with the state.

  3. The Secretary of State confirms your LLC or corporation.

  4. ZenBusiness delivers your verified business documents.

  5. ZenBusiness provides ongoing services to keep your business compliant and ready to grow!

ZenBusiness is with you at each step of the way. You can find a tracker in your ZenBusiness dashboard that shows you where your business is in the formation process. If we ever need any extra information from you, we will send you an email asking for it.

There are all sorts of extra services we offer to help you run your business after the formation is complete. From the Business License Report to ZenBusiness Money, we offer plenty of tools to help your business succeed!

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