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Can Zenbusiness help me secure my business licenses?
Can Zenbusiness help me secure my business licenses?

Zenbusiness offers a business license report which can help you find out what licenses and permits you need to run your business.

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Do you need help figuring out what licenses you need to run your business? Worry not, Zenbusiness is here to help! Alongside our partner, Avalara, we offer a report which will let you know exactly what licenses you need to run your business at a national, state, county and local level. Afterwards, we will send you all of the applications for the relevant licenses, as well as the addresses to send them to once you have filled them out.

The business license report is a great way for you to have peace of mind that you are aware of all of the licensing, permitting and registrations required for you to operate your business. It will save you the time and stress of having to dive into the regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions and allow you to just fill out the applications themselves, send them off and keep moving forward with your business.

Once your LLC documentation has come back from the state, we will begin the process of preparing your Business License Report. The report is based on the principal address of your LLC. When the report is complete, you will receive an email with a link to the contents of the report.

You can purchase the Business License Report during the initial set up of your business, from the Zenbusiness dashboard, or as a one off item from the website by clicking here.


Q: My address has changed. Can I have another Business License Report?

A: At this time, it is only possible to secure one Business License Report per business, even if your business changes location. If you have multiple businesses that you have set up with us, you can purchase reports for any of your businesses that don’t already have a report by switching business profiles in the dashboard. *

Q: Can Zenbusiness fill out my reports for me?

A: At this time, we cannot complete the forms for you. We do take the guesswork out of things, and compile all of the forms you need in one easy place for you to fill out, potentially saving you hours of research.

Q: Do I really need to fill out all of these applications?

A: The items on the business license report are suggestions based on the location of your business as well as the industry and business purpose listed for your business. If you wish for more clarity, you can reach out directly to the entity that facilitates the application directly and they should be able to answer any additional questions about the specific requirements for your business.

Q: Can I choose a different address than my principal address for my report?

A: At this time, we are not able to file the report with any other address than your Principal address. You will need to change the address on file for your LLC, which may require an amendment. Our customer service team would be happy to help you get started with that process!

Q: What do I get with a Business License Report?

A: The Business License Report is a compilation of applications for all of the required Permits, Licenses and Registrations for you to run your business at the national, state, and local levels. The report is based upon the location of your business and the business activity/industry of your business.

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