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What happens after I form a new business?
What happens after I form a new business?

This article details the next steps after you finish the purchase flow for your business.

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Here is what happens after you check out:

Post-purchase questions - We will ask a few extra questions about your business. Once completed, we will then be able to proceed with filing your business with the state based on the information you provide us.

Formation review - Our Customer Success team reviews your order and searches your state's database to make sure your business name is available. If the name is not available, we will ask you for another name.

Document submission - Once we verify your business name, the team prepares all necessary documents. The team will then check them for accuracy and send them to the state agency for filing.

Formation approval - The Secretary of State (or equivalent state agency) reviews your new business filing and issues a determination.

Document delivery - We send you an email when the state finalizes your business. The email includes a link to view and download the business documents, which are all digitally accessible in the ZenBusiness dashboard.

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