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Where can I find my documents
Where can I find my documents

This article details where you can find your documents

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Your documents are a key part of your business, so we do our best to make them easy to find and view! Once your business is fully formed with the state, we will upload all of your relevant business documentation into the documents section of your dashboard within 24 business hours. From there, you can view, save or print your documents.

In order to get to your documents you will have to take a couple of steps. First, you will need to log into the dashboard. If you have not logged in before, you can do so with the login button at the top right of, right next to the phone number.

Afterwards, you hover over the "Documents" section of the left hand sidebar. That section is the highlighted icon in the image below.

When you hover over the icon, a menu will appear. Click the word "Documents" and options will appear. The option you select in order to get to your business documents is "Business Records". Once you click that, you will be brought to all of your business documents and can view, download or print them all!

Please note, that if the documents are not present, it may be that your business has not fully formed with the state. If your business just recently finalized with the state and you were notified, please give us 24 hours to upload the documentation for you.

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