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When will my formation be completed?
When will my formation be completed?

This article goes into detail about the formation tracker

Updated over a week ago

After you have finished filling out all of your set up questionnaire, the formation tracker will appear on your dashboard. The formation tracker details where at in the formation process your business is.

Any time you want to view it, you can just log in to your dashboard and it will appear on the front page.

The formation tracker can contain any one of the following status messages.

Order Received - Your documentation is complete and has been sent to ZenBusiness.

Accuracy Check - Our team is reviewing your documentation in order to ensure accuracy.

Submitted to State - Your documentation has been fully reviewed by the ZenBusiness team and sent to the state.

Submitted to State (Still waiting) - Your documentation has been submitted to the state and we are waiting to hear a response.

Under State Review - The state is reviewing your documents and is processing your business.

Under State Review (Delayed) - There are delays at the state level in your business being processed.

Accuracy Check - The process is on hold at your request. Reach out to our team and we can get things moving for you once again!

Accuracy Check: Issue - There is an issue with your documentation that needs to be addressed. We will likely send you an email about this, and will require more information. In order to continue with your formation expediently, please reach out to our team as quickly as possible.

Business Formed! - Your business has been formed and you are good to go!

If you have any other questions, our customer service team is always happy to help!

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