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What do I do after I finish my account in the chat?
What do I do after I finish my account in the chat?

This article goes into detail about what to do next after you set up your account in the chat window.

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Congratulations! You have paid for our services and your business documentation is being prepared for the state. You just made a huge step towards fulfilling your business dreams!

After you click the payment button, we will still need a couple of bits of information about your business before we can send off your paperwork to make your business official. Your account has been created, and you will be prompted to click a button that says "Take me there" and go to your ZenBusiness dashboard.

Once you click "Take me there" you will be brought to your ZenBusiness dashboard, which looks like this:

You will want to click the "Finish your formation" card on the left hand of the dashboard. When you hover over it, the card's color will change to a teal coloration.

Once you click that card, you will be taken to another page where we will ask you for a few additional bits of information. It usually takes about five minutes to enter all of the relevant info. If you log out or stop while you are mid way through the process of filling out that additional information, you can always just click the card again to start back up where you left off.

If you log out of your dashboard before you finish this process, you will have to log back in to your dashboard in order to finalize the formation. If you do not enter all of the required info, your business paperwork will not be sent to the state. All you have to do to log back in is click the "Login" button in the top right of the ZenBusiness homepage.

Once you see this page, you are set up and good to go! You can click "GO TO DASHBOARD" in order to be taken back to your dashboard page.

Congratulations! You can view your formation status and access the products and services you selected from that page. Your dashboard has a formation tracker that will let you know exactly where your business is at in the formation process. These are the steps that will display:

  1. Formation Review - our Customer Success team has started to review the services you ordered and search your State's database to ensure your business name is available. If for any reason the name is not available, we will contact you to get an alternate name.

  2. Document Submission - once we verify your business name, the team prepares all necessary documents, verifies them for accuracy and submits them to the appropriate state agency for filing.

  3. Formation Approval - the secretary of state or other responsible state agency reviews and files your new business entity.

  4. Document Delivery - we send you an email confirmation when your business has been formed with the State that includes a link to view and download the business documents in your dashboard.

  5. Ongoing Services - we provide ongoing services that protect and support your business as it grows.

If there is anything else for you to do, there will be a To-Do list on your Dashboard, and we may email you if we need additional information. If you have any other questions, our customer service team is always happy to help!

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