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Premium Plan

This article goes over the Premium Plan

Updated over a week ago

Why does the Premium plan renew annually?

The Premium plan includes ongoing compliance services that help keep your business in good standing. Plus, a website to help you grow your business and access to our customer support team.

Can I cancel my Premium plan but keep the other subscriptions I have?

Yes, you can keep using other subscriptions you have, including Money Pro, banking, and tax services. If you cancel your Premium plan, you'll lose access to the ongoing compliance services included in this plan. For example, all states have annual report requirements that the Premium plan helps you meet.

Can I add other products or services?

Yes, you can add products and services anytime. Go to the More Tools section of your dashboard to see your options. You can also contact us by phone, chat, or through our contact form if you have any questions.

What happens to my LLC if I decide to cancel my Premium Plan?

Your LLC remains official even if you cancel with us. However, your LLC is still subject to state requirements, like filing annual reports and filing an amendment when there’s a change to your business. The Worry-Free Compliance service in the Premium plan helps you meet these compliance requirements.

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