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Adding Members to Your LLC
Adding Members to Your LLC

Want to know where, when and how you add members to your LLC? This article outlines your options before and after formation.

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There are two opportunities to add members to your LLC:

  1. After purchase, before formation

  2. After formation

LLC Members are NOT added during purchase. Members are added AFTER you select your services, complete checkout and go to your dashboard.

New Formations

If you have just purchased your formation and not yet formed with the state:

  • LLC Members will be collected in the post-purchase questionnaire

  • Post-Purchase questionnaire is launched from your dashboard

  • You can log in to your dashboard after you checkout

ZenBusiness Mobile App Dashboard

Existing Formations

If you have previously submitted your members and need to view, change, remove, or add member details on an existing formation.

To view your current members,

  1. Log in to your customer dashboard at

  2. Move your mouse to the left panel to show the navigation panel

  3. Click on Business Profile

  4. Scroll down to Members section

To make changes to your members, please contact our Customer Success department for assistance with changing your members. Some states will require an amendment and processing fee to change your members. In some cases you can make changes to members in your Annual Report.

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