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Linking a bank account to ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ
Linking a bank account to ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ

This article details several frequently asked questions regarding linking a bank account to ZenBusiness Money Pro

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Is linking my bank account safe?

We have integrated with Plaid. Your data is secure and will never be compromised. You can also check out Plaid’s website if you want to know more about their data security:

Can I link a credit card?

Yes, you can link an active credit card, as long as the banking institution is supported by Plaid.

I’m receiving an error message when I try to link my bank account. What should I do?

Because errors can vary, it’s best to contact our Customer Success agents.

Why am I being told to relink my bank account in ZenBusiness?

If your online banking credentials or account number has changed, you’ll be prompted to relink your bank account. If you see this message and think it’s an error, please contact our Customer Success agents.

How many transactions are pulled in once I link my bank account?

Typically, you’ll see transactions for the last 30 days. Once those expenses have been tagged as business or personal, you’ll be prompted to approve pulling in expenses from further back.

How do I unlink my bank account?

  • On the Expenses page, select the gear located on the bar chart.

  • Select “Banks & Integrations” for a list of linked bank accounts.

  • To unlink your bank account, toggle off all the accounts under the same banking institution (e.g., if you want to unlink a Bank of America checking account, toggle off all of the linked Bank of America accounts).

  • Once all the accounts have been toggled off, a confirmation pop-up will ask if you’re sure you want to unlink them. Select “Yes'' to confirm.

  • If at any point you need to relink an account under that same banking institution, you’ll need to go through the link bank account steps again.

Can I link multiple accounts at the same time?

Yes, you can link multiple accounts by selecting all the accounts listed after you’ve entered your online banking credentials. You may see many accounts listed, such as your checking account, savings account, and a credit card account. You may select all three if necessary.

When I search for my banking institution, the search results come up empty. Why?

First, you should confirm that the spelling of the bank is correct. If it is, it’s likely Plaid doesn’t support that particular banking institution. This is more common for small credit unions. There are steps you can take to see if Plaid can make the bank available:

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