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Invoicing in ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ
Invoicing in ZenBusiness Money Pro FAQ

This article details several frequently asked questions regarding invoicing in ZenBusiness Money Pro

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Are there limits to how much I can send an invoice for?

Currently, we have a limit of $2,500. Please contact ZenBusiness support for help in raising your daily invoice limit.

Can I send an estimate/quote to a client of mine?

Yes, you can send a quote to a client by creating the invoice and then when you are ready to send it, click “Send as Quote.”

Can I send invoice due date reminders?

If you’d like to send a client a payment reminder, locate the invoice and select “Send Reminder.” Important to note that only invoices that have been sent to clients will show this button; you will not see a “Send Reminder” option on quotes either.

Once you select “Send reminder,” you will see a pop-up that says, “A reminder has been sent.” Select “Ok” to close the pop-up.

How do I remove an invoice?

If you need to remove, delete or cancel an invoice, locate the invoice on the Invoicing page and under the “Action” column, locate the action button. Depending upon the status of the invoice, the action button may be labeled as “Edit Invoice” or “Send Reminder.” Either way, the behavior is the same: select the down arrow to see a list of other options. As long as the invoice is unpaid, select “Cancel,” which will remove the invoice from the list.

The invoice isn’t technically deleted - it’s archived.

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