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Track Status of Your Money Transfer
Track Status of Your Money Transfer
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Why track your transactions?

Reviewing your transactions regularly helps you stay on top of your finances and offers many advantages like

Financial Clarity: Transaction tracking gives you a clear view of your income and expenses, promoting better financial management.

Security Vigilance: Quickly identifying any unauthorized or suspicious activity enhances your account security.

Budget Mastery: Tracking transactions helps you stay aligned with your budget and financial goals by understanding your spending patterns.

Dispute Resolution: In the case of discrepancies or disputes, transaction records serve as essential evidence to quickly resolve issues.

Steps to track your transactions on ZenBusiness dashboard

Follow these steps to check your payment’s status on your ZenBusiness account

  • Log in to your ZenBusiness account

  • From the Banking dashboard, you can see all pending and successful transactions.


  • You can also go to Connected accounts if you transferred the money to one of your own accounts connected to ZenBusiness Banking via Plaid

  • You can also go to “Payees” if you transferred money to one of the payess

  • Click on the three dots at the right side of each payee name and go to “Transactions History”

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