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Business Email Password Recovery Setup

This article will walk you through setting up the password recovery function for your Email account.

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Password recovery is an option that needs to be enabled within your business email settings. The steps below will walk you through setting that up.

  1. Login to WebMail -

  2. Navigate to Settings then Password Recovery.

  3. You will be given two options to select from SMS & Email. Select the option of your choice.

    1. For Email please enter the desired email address you want your password recovery code to be received.

    2. For SMS please enter the phone number you want your password recovery code to be received.

  4. Enter in your business email password to continue and hit Save.

  5. The page will refresh and you will see an option to enter a Response Token. This token will either be emailed to you or sent via text depending on the recovery method you selected.

  6. Once you enter the Response token hit Save.

Once this is in place you'll be able to reset your business email password directly from the WebMail client if you run into any trouble logging in.

If you need a password reset prior to setting this up please reach out to support via chat, phone, or email.

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