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How can I move my LLC to a new state?
How can I move my LLC to a new state?

This article details options for moving your business to a new state.

Updated over a week ago

ZenBusiness can only assist with NEW formations, though we can form a business in any state you desire.

There are many different options based on the state you wish to move your LLC. That state's Secretary of State website will provide invaluable information about the process for that state. Alternatively, you can call the Secretary of State office to see if they assist with domesticating (moving) an LLC from one state to another.

Foreign Qualification is also another option in some cases. Foreign qualification is the process of registering to do business in a state other than the one in which you incorporated or formed your business. Corporations and LLCs are considered domestic only in their state of incorporation (for corporations) or formation (for LLCs and other entities besides corporations).

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