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Change of Registered Agent
Registered Agent for a self filed business not created by ZenBusiness.
Registered Agent for a self filed business not created by ZenBusiness.
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If you are new to ZenBusiness and have already formed your business but wish to appoint ZenBusiness as your registered agent, we have you covered!

Set Up Flow

In order to get started, we will ask you a few questions about your business. The following steps detail the questions we will ask.


If you have already formed a business with us and wish to appoint ZenBusiness as the Registered Agent for a new business you formed on your own, you’re in luck! We make it fast and easy to get the process started. From within your ZenBusiness dashboard, you will need to click the Registered Agent card, which looks like this.


A new window will pop up that looks like this:


Scroll down in the window and hit the "Buy Now" button.


Enter your business name and select your business type.


We will prompt you to enter any and all states you wish for ZenBusiness to act as your registered agent. As a legal requirement, you must have a Registered Agent for each state that you have registered your business in.

You can type the name of the state in order to bring it up on the state selection form to save yourself some scrolling. Once you find your state, click the corresponding checkbox. You can select more than one state during this process.


Enter the information for the next few questions we ask. The questions are your experience, how many employees you plan to have in the next year, If you will have a physical location other than your home, where you are at in the money making process, whether you plan for this to be your main focus or a side business, and what business category you would describe your business as being.


Select "Appoint ZenBusiness as my Registered Agent"

Optionally, you can choose to purchase the EIN and Business documents bundle, the Pro plan, ZenBusiness Money Pro, Rush Filing or our Web tools bundle.


In the payment section, you will enter your payment info and proceed. Once you finish payment, you will be taken to your new dashboard where you can monitor your registered agent service.

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