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More Info about Banking Applications
More Info about Banking Applications
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Is there a minimum deposit required to open a Banking account?

No, there’s no minimum deposit required to open a ZenBusiness Banking account. However, you'll need to have funds available in the account to make purchases.

Can I add funds to my ZenBusiness banking account myself? How?

Yes, funding that your business receives from you as an owner is called Owner’s Contribution and may also provide tax benefits.

Here are a few ways to get funds into your ZenBusiness account.

Do you check my credit history when I apply for a ZenBusiness account?

ZenBusiness will not check your credit history when you apply for a ZenBusiness Banking account. Also, having an account with ZenBusiness will not affect your personal credit score.

If you’re just forming your LLC or still waiting on confirmation that your LLC has become official, we’ll wait to review the application until your formation is finalized.

Is ZenBusiness Banking available for non-US citizens?

Yes. If you’re not a US citizen, but you formed a business with ZenBusiness, you can apply for a ZenBusiness Banking account.

For extra security to banking data and actions, users are required to authenticate themselves using mobile-based OTP.

Currently, only USA mobile numbers can be used for mobile OTP-based authentication.

You might also be required to upload a screenshot of your passport to confirm your info.

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